Secure FNB Online Banking – How to do FNB Login

FNB is known as First National Bank worldwide. It is one of the largest four banks in the South Africa. It was established in 1838. Within the time they have also modernized their features. Now, these days they are also providing online support through their website from which you can also do your banking online very easily. FNB Bank has its own website which is Anyone can easily get here the chance to get in by the FNB Online Banking login panel.


How to do FNB Online Banking Login:

1. In this era of modern technology enriched world almost all banks are providing online banking services. FNB is also providing online services through their well controlled website to provide full customer satisfaction.

The address of their website is You can visit their website anytime and get in touch with FNB Online Banking Login panel very easily.


2. If you are a new customer of FNB, then you can visit their site to take a look at their terms and conditions applicable while doing online banking and also their ID Protection system to see whether they are capable of providing the best possible security options for your bank account so that you are ensured can be sure about the safety of your account.

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3. Like all other banks with online banking facilities FNB has its own special security system which includes some more security options like some security questions to secure your account more perfectly, so for this reason you may face some of those while providing the username and password into the login panel of the account. These security questions are here to verify the original identification of the real user.


4. Sometimes your browser may show you some options to remember the password automatically of your account for a specific username to facilitate the process of login. But these automatic remember system may be very harmful for your account. So, never do it on a public or shared computer to stay safe.


Security Warnings:

1. Always remember to choose your password or pin no. very carefully because these are main security level of your account which keeps your account safe. During choosing the password or pin number you should always select something familiar or related to familiar things which you can easily remember. It ensures that you will never forget your own password. As it is the most important option for the security of your bank account so you should be very careful while choosing it.

2. Never write your password publicly here and there unnecessarily where anyone can see it or access it.  It is very risky for you because this makes your security status vulnerable by which almost anyone can access your account and can make troubles for you. So, avoid disclosing your password publicly.


3. Always be careful about the scams through which is now a day the most common way to hack your personal information. So, if you receive any suspicious email, just raise your caution level a bit higher and stay aware of providing any kinds of personal information through emails.


4. Try to avoid login to your bank account from a public or shared computer like cyber cafes or pubs. Because these types of computers are very easy to be used by anyone, by which you may loose your information of your bank account just within a minute. So, stay away from using these computers.


So, these are the necessary instructions and security warning tips to avoid possible threats while using the FNB Online Banking Login service. Try to remember these instructions while doing online banking to stay safe.

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