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In this modern world where technology is running fast as we have anticipated and where everything can be done very fast and easily only by using the enormous power of Internet; banks are now using that power of Internet to provide services like online banking. Now, Bank is a financial institution that gives you the facility to deposit your money or you can lend money in terms of certain terms and conditions. So, banks are like the helping hand of the society; especially to a section where new businessmen could also be able to start their own business. Now-a-days, almost every country has banks of its own development which can be achieved through improving its own economy. So, in this era of modernization where everything is being technology dependent and modified towards the improvement of mankind, banks are not so far in the run of development in terms of providing customer services and facilities. Every bank has its own packages of services for the customers to meet their individual needs. In this process, where they are taking every initiative to make the improvement as a success mission, Internet is playing a key role.

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As we know our world is changing throughout the emergence of Internet, every organization, institution, industries are very much co-operative to take the facilities in their working arena as well as in their strategic plans. Internet is the major force which has increased the communication system throughout the globe as well as has facilitated the work procedure of all kinds of institutions. Now, it’s a quite familiar term today which is “Online Banking”. Online banking is a process through which the bank can give their customers the facility to do their banking chores online from anywhere at anytime. Banks are now providing facilities like the transactions, bill payments etc. to facilitate the process of banking. As we have said before that almost all banks are now having the facility of online banking. Suncorp Bank is not different from those banks. At first, let’s know something about Suncorp Bank and following that we will discuss about their online banking facilities.

Suncorp Bank is actually an institution controlled and monitored by Suncorp Group Limited which is an Australian finance, insurance and banking corporation. It mainly operates in three different industries which are Banking, General Insurance and Wealth management. Suncorp Group was founded n 1996 and in 1902, Suncorp announced its first bank which is known as Suncorp Bank. It was a step to give the others a new concept of establishing an insurance arm as it is not an insurance company with a banking purpose. Suncorp Bank mainly serves in the area of Australia and New Zealand. It is Australia’s 5th largest bank and a truly regional bank. It has about 170 braches operated as fully functional touch point.

Suncorp Bank has divided its services into two difference categories which are Personal Banking and Business Banking. In the section of Personal Banking services they are providing Everyday Banking, Savings Accounts, Term Deposits, Personal Loans, Credit Cards, Home Loans, Superannuation and Financial Planning services. And another option is Business Services. In this particular section they are providing Bank Accounts, EFTPOS & Online Payments, Business Payments, and Business Lending, Credit Cards, Agribusiness, Superannuation and Treasury managements. These are the main two sections of operation of this bank. Besides that, they have two extra services like commercial lending in which they give solutions from to small to medium size institutions and more than $1 million loan requirements. And another one is agribusiness in which they provide financial solutions and serviced relationship management for the agro based businesses.

So, these are the services of Suncorp Bank. Now, let’s talk about the online baking facilities of them.

  • 24X7 online services: Suncorp Bank has the facility of 24×7 Internet banking system. This is the most important feature of Suncorp Internet Banking that they have 24 hours online access for their customers to do their banking at anytime. Through this feature anybody can easily do their banking on a go.


  • Day to day banking: Suncorp has a very much convenient database where you can even look for the transaction history for the last 12 months. Besides that you can schedule fund transfers on a future date, setup and receive balance alerts on your accounts, easy access to your interest on all your accounts and redraw funds from an applicable home loan.


  • Pay bills online: Suncorp Online Banking has an excellent feature of online bill payment system. Customers can easily pay their bill through BPAY which is system where you can check your bills online and have no chance to get lost in mails.


  • Convenient: Suncorp Internet Banking is the most convenient banking options for the customers. They can do the banking job from their home at anytime they want. This feature makes it more convenient and gives the bank a competitive advantage on the others because customers can manage their accounts anytime they want and also form anywhere where banks without online facilities can’t be that convenient. So, now it is very easy to pay the bills, manage the accounts and to make a transaction.


  • Secure banking: In online sometimes people hesitates to bank because of the lack of security and the lost of money but Suncorp have a very secure server which is controlled and monitored by highly professionals that make it the most secure online bank in the banking industry. Now, you can easily to your banking online with Suncorp Bank.

So, these are the features of Suncorp Internet Banking that has a made it a name of convenience and reliability among every banking customers. Now, people can freely bank anytime, anywhere with Suncorp Bank securely. As the technology is growing higher and higher, the bank is also modifying its online banking facilities up to the mark to give all the facilities to the customers.

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